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Research Overview: Aging Intervention Technologies

BioMarker's proprietary technologies are based on identifying genes and proteins involved in aging and age-related diseases. By comparing differences in expression in animals and humans with changes in gene and protein expression in models in which aging has been slowed, BioMarker is pinpointing targets for the development of new anti-aging and anti-disease therapies.
Although we use a suite of expression analysis technologies, much of our research focus is on our proprietary system for the development of products that mimic the effects of calorie restriction (CR) – to date, the only intervention known to consistently extend lifespan and retard aging in mammals.

An Introduction to CR
The history of caloric restriction research dates back to the 1910's. Francis Peyton Rous showed that reducing food intake inhibited tumors in rodents. The ability of CR to retard aging and extend maximum lifespan in mammals was first clearly addressed by Dr. Clive McCay, a nutritionist at Cornell University in 1930's. He reported that CR rats lived for 48 months, while his control-fed animal died at 30 months of age. Later studies by Dr. Morris Ross at the Institute For Cancer Research in Philadelphia, showed that CR rats stayed alive for 59 months. Since then, the effects of CR have been reproduced in many laboratories around the world.
More on CR studies in rats and mice



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