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CR Studies in Rats and Mice

CR studies in rats and mice have now shown that a 30-50% reduction in calories produces a 30-80% increase in longevity. When all nutrients are maintained at levels sufficient for health, while total calories are reduced, animals remain active and less vulnerable to cancer and cardiovascular disease with advancing age than animals on an unrestricted diet. The National Institute on Aging has also carried out caloric restriction studies in monkeys. Their experiments with rhesus monkeys show a trend towards delaying age-related disease and towards extending the life span of these animals. This has demonstrated both the beneficial effects of calorie restriction on lifespan extension and the overall impact of slowing the aging process compared to curing the major diseases of aging:
Gene expression data from BioMarker experiments indicate that even a brief period of caloric restriction produces about 70% of the changes associated with life span extension. This strongly indicates that nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals can be successfully designed to mimic the healthful impact of CR and other life extending models.
Separate studies have also shown that three types of dwarf mice mutation are capable of extending life span by approximately 40% through a molecular mechanism that may be different from that found in CR animals. These mutations also delay and ameliorate the effects of age-related diseases. BioMarker scientists are concurrently identifying the gene expression biomarkers associated with this model of life span extension.


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