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BioMarker's Approach is Straightforward

We evaluate the genomic and proteomic response to a model of life extension (such as CR) under controlled studies;

  • We identify the gene and protein biomarkers associated with this response;
  • We then use these biomarkers to assess the degree of overlap between the model and various tested interventions (whether nutritionals, foods, bioactives, natural products, or drug candidates); and
  • This guides our development of the optimal ‘mimetic’ intervention.

CR and other life extending models clearly can help an individual maintain healthy, youthful gene and protein expression related to a number of biopathways associated with age and age-related disease. If we are successful, our mimetic interventions should allow us to:

  • Delay or prevent the onset of cancer, diabetes, heart disease and neurological disorders ;
  • Preserve or enhance the immune responsiveness of older individuals;
    Increase insulin sensitivity and glucose disposal;
  • Reduce inflammatory response, and improve heart and blood vessel health; and
  • Prolong the healthy period near the end of life, and extend the maximum healthy life span.

We are using this aging-intervention technology portfolio to move ahead with nutraceutical and personalized diagnostic products, as well as pharmaceutical therapies. Please see the links to the left to learn more, and to read an encapsulated description of our technology platform.


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