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We conduct research on the molecular biology of aging in order to develop scientifically-based aging intervention products and services. These products and services benefit from the research environment we have created and our use of advanced molecular genetic technologies. The GeneEssence™ report is generated after analyzing your DNA sample for more than 1.8 million markers for genetic variation, using DNA microarray chip technology. We develop our nutritional products by testing for gene expression response in animal models and by conducting human clinical studies. We are developing tools to monitor how genes and proteins respond, in different individuals to interventions, in order to optimize the design, delivery, and monitoring of these interventions. Our goal is to enable people to live much longer, productive and healthier lives.

The Challenge
By 2050, a quarter of all Americans will be over age 65. While human lifespan has increased by forty percent in the past fifty years the rising burden of associated age-related diseases has become staggering. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, individuals with chronic disease now account for more than 75% of all healthcare spending.

The BioMarker Solution
Research on aging is beginning to unlock the secrets underlying longevity. Our generation will be the first to benefit from recent scientific advances that can be directly applied in order to extend a normal and healthy human lifespan. Currently, there are no clinically validated "anti-aging" pharmaceuticals or nutraceuticals since aging is not targeted in conventional drug development, and the claims made for antiaging effects for dietary supplements cannot be validated. Our approach is to develop proven intervention strategies based on understanding the molecular pathways that influence aging and the contribution individual genetic variation has on this process.

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