At BioMarker our vision is to provide interventions that will extend a healthy human lifespan by slowing the process of aging, and delaying the onset of age-related diseases. We address the primary health concerns of all individuals: how to maintain a high quality level of health well into old age.

The BioMarker Approach
BioMarker scientists studied longevity-related expression in over 12,000 genes in mice using cDNA microarray chips. These gene changes are correlated with a number of significant healthful proteomic and cellular changes.

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grandpa and kids Aging Intervention Products
We have an active scientific research program focused on the molecular biology of aging and are developing products which target the molecular pathways involved in the aging process.
Find out what BM-A1/BM-A2/BM-A3 can do for you

Intervention Monitoring: Genomics/Proteomics
We are currently developing methods that allow us to track how individuals respond to various interventions by measuring changes in genes and proteins.>>more


Your Partner

for a Healthier

Longer Life

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We are designing dietary supplements focused on age-related health maintenance, and moving forward immediately to bring scientifically proven and clinically validated products to market

Thanks to our unique aging-intervention technology, our screening systems will allow us to develop pharmaceutical products targeted to a variety of age-related diseases

It is never too late to adopt healthy lifestyle habits!


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